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"Promover y ayudar a la movilidad de educadores, alumnos y estudiosos del campo musical..."


ORFEUM Organization of European Music Festivals, according to a decision unanimously adopted by its General Assembly in September 2017, has agreed to create ALFA, a working team and alliance between organizers of music and dance festivals and artists in both disciplines with the aim of get resources and a better connection between two of the four sides of a musical event or dance: 1.- THE ORGANIZERS and 2.- THE ARTISTS, achieving a better reach to the other two sides of the event: 3.- THE AUDIENCES and 4.- THE MEDIA, thus achieving a good promotion and dissemination of festivals, contests, competitions and all the artists who participate in them.

An International Committee composed of leading professionals from the sector is also set up to advise and supervise,  together with the Orfeum Executive Board, the activities, events, studies and work carried out by ALFA. Orfeum proposes the members of the International Committee, which will have a mandate of 2 years.

These are the tools to use for the correct development of its objectives:

1.- FESTIVOX: As the most important tool, this online platform is where artists and festivals can make visible and expose everything related to their activities to the media, followers and the public in general. It is a global platform for promotion and dissemination: music and video links, bio, info, contact, social networks, news and up to 12 annual promotions, depending on the chosen registration option (Basic, Grow or Premium). ORFEUM Organization of European Music Festivals is the creator institution responsible for managing the activities of the platform.

2.- ANNUAL MUSIC & DANCE AWARDS: Annually award the most outstanding artists and festivals during the previous season, establishing the following prizes:

– Best Music Festival – Best Dance Festival – Best female singer – Best Junior female singer – Best male singer – Best Junior Male Singer – Best Vocal Group – Best Junior Vocal Group – Best musical composition – Best Traditional Dance Group – Best Modern Dance Group – Best Junior Modern Dance group – Best choreography – Special prize to the director of festival with greater professional career – Special prize for the artist with the longest professional career

All registered artists and festival organizers have the right to vote in all categories of the Awards. There is a 50% discount for “Premium” registered artists and festivals on the application fee for the participation in the Awards.


ALFA will offers courses, master classes and online and face-to-face workshops on different aspects of the professional music sector (publishing and distribution, copyright, intellectual property, music production, composition, arranging, marketing and promotion, staging, production of musical events and many others that will help to improve the professionalism of the sector, acquire new knowledge and resources and, in short, to obtain better results. There is an entry fee for these activities. FESTIVOX registered users have a discount depending on the registration option: “Basic” (20%), “Grow” (40%) and “Premium” (60%).


Formed by FESTIVOX registered singers. Its interpretations will consist of an international repertoire of well-known songs and also of authors belonging to ALFA. Also it will consist of a hymn, that will be of all the Alliance of Festivals and Artists and that will be commissioned to several composers and authors members for the accomplishment of a joint work. This will be a way of promoting in many countries and enabling the international participation of our singers and musical creations.


Formed by FESTIVOX registered dancers and choreographers. Its interpretations will consist of an international repertoire of well-known songs, folk songs and also of registered choreographers and composers. This will be a way of promoting in many countries and enabling the international participation of our dancers, choreographers and musical creations.


Formed by FESTIVOX registered musicians and singers. An international collaboration involving artists from all registered countries. Its interpretations will consist of an international repertoire of well-known songs, folk songs and also new creations of registered FESTIVOX choreographers and composers. This will be a way of promoting in many countries and enabling the international participation of our musicians, composers and orchestra conductors.


Including singerss and composers selected by the International Committee  among the proposed most relevant  FESTIVOX” Premium” artists.

8.- FesTVsion, the online channel for the promotion of the FESTIVOX registered artists and festivals This online TV channel is used for the promotion of “Premium” artists and festivals.


Benefits :

  • Use of the platform FESTIVOX for promotion and dissemination of all the activities of festivals and artists (up 12 annual promotions included)
  • Being part of an international network and  alliance, sharing ideas, projects and resources, making proposals and taking decisions
  • Be elegible for the International Committee (“Premium” artists and festivals)
  • Being part of ORFEUM European Music Festivals Organization as “Honor Member”
  • Being part of the Orfeum International Choir
  • Have the right to vote in the Annual Music & Dance Awards
  • Participation in International Meetings to develop new projects and know new opportunities for artists
  • Presence and representation in international forums and music markets
  • Weekly newsletter with information on events and activities of music and dance around the World, interesting for festivals and artists
  • Professional advice and collaboration on the organization and production of festivals
  • Professional advice on production, editing and recording
  • Greater reach of large audiences and media
  • Promotion on FesTVsion for artists and festivals
  • 50% discount in the Annual Music & Dance Awards application fee (“premium festivals and artists”)
  • Discounts in all the courses and master classes , depending on the registration option: “Basic”, “Grow” or “Premium”
  • 15%  discount in ALFA  Festivals (except “Festival Viva la Música” *).
  • * 2 x 1 on entries for the participation in “Viva La Música” International Music Festivals (1 free entry for each paid entry). Only for “Premium” artists.
  • 15% discount (for “Premium” festivals and artists) in all additional services offered by the platform (marketing, graphic design, web design, music production, publishing, record distribution, video production, content marketing, seo, apps and promotion on facebook and google)
  • Special discounts at partner hotels