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"La unión de los pueblos a través de la música y la cultura es la base de nuestro trabajo"




ERASMUS + PROJECT 2022 / 2023

Orfeum is currently participating together with Pro-Partners (Lithuania) in the development and execution of the educational project
“Innovative singing training for teachers” within the ERASMUS + Program of the European Union.
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ORFEUM-  European Music Festivals Organization is a non-profit institution that organizes, promotes and manages the production of festivals and music contests both internationally and regionally. Currently organizes the international competitions “UNIVERSONG – The Canary Islands International Song Festival” and “FESTIVAL VIVA LA MÚSICA International Online Competition of Music for Composers and Singers”. Both competitions are held annually in/from the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands – Spain). In the regional scope it organizes the festival “EUROSINGERS – The Canary Islands sing in Europe” with exclusive participation of interpreters of the Canary Islands.

Artists from 62 countries from Europe, America, Asia and the Pacific have come to the Canaries to participate in  international music festivals organized by Orfeum.

ORFEUM also designs and organizes annual programs for the outdoor projection of a large number of Spanish and especially the Canary Islands performers through their participation in international music festivals in Europe. From 2004 to 2021 Spanish artists have participated in more than 100 international music festivals in more than 30 countries.

The “Cultural Tourism” is an important complement to the activities organized by Orfeum, both in the Canary Islands and abroad. Visits to our natural, cultural, historical and artistic heritage are activities that we offer to all the international delegations that visit the Canaries on the occasion of the celebration of our festivals. Likewise, the Canarian artists participating in the EUROSINGERS outdoor programming have also the opportunity to learn about the history, culture, nature and art of the countries we visit.

Workshops, lectures, conferences, seminars and debates add to our events an educational and educational character aimed at participating artists and other components of international delegations.

The Union of Peoples through Music and Culture is the main philosophy that inspires our activities, fostering cultural exchange and friendship between countries around the world. For all this we have received the “Peace Award”, “Brotherhood of the Peoples Prize”, “Friendly Award of Tourism and Citizen Coexistence”, “Little Mermaid of the Benidorm Music Festival” and other important awards.

In 2018, Orfeum proposed to international partners from Italy, Portugal, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, Belarus and Turkey the creation and signing of an Agreement to carry out joint activities, giving rise to ALFA – Alliance of Festival Associations.

With the special collaboration of EUROPEAN UNION,  CANARY ISLANDS GOVERNMENT, AIE,  Hotel Atlantic El Tope and Apartamentos Masaru

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