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"Organizamos la proyección exterior de gran número de cantantes canarios"



ERASMUS + PROJECT 2022 / 2023

Orfeum is currently participating together with Pro-Partners (Lithuania) in the development and execution of the educational project
“Innovative singing training for teachers” within the ERASMUS + Program of the European Union.
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Guillermo Albelo – President
Goyo Tavío – Vice-president (Singers Section)
Chema Muñoz – Vice-president (Composers Section)
Elena María García – Activities coordination and managing
Christian Albelo – Communication
Julio Castejón – Music Advisor
Gilberto Martín – Music Advisor
Javier Albelo – Director of the Educational Team
Maite Robaina – Teacher / Educational Team
Irene Shams – Teacher / Educational Team
Eva Ausín – Teacher / Educational Team


ORFEUM Organization of European Music Festivals has created the “ORFEUM ACADEMY” to carry out international courses, talks, workshops, conferences and seminars and all of them dedicated to the production and organization of music festivals, as well as other aspects of the artistic promotion and dissemination of music from all over the world.
Also in the educational part, it organizes the ORFEUM SUMMER CAMPUS as an international meeting point for artists and music professionals.

THE ORFEUM ACADEMY is also responsible for the annual organization of the ORFEUM AWARDS, which in each edition will recognize the musical and creative talent of artists from all over the world with important invitations to participate in international musical competitions in numerous countries, as well as to participate in musical productions. Likewise, many of the artists will be awarded with free production in recording studios in various countries and many other important awards.
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