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EU Project

Currently Orfeum participates together with Pro-Partners (Lithuania) in the development and execution of the educational project “Innovative singing training for teachers” within the ERASMUS + Program of the European Union.

Orfeum and Pro-Partners have been collaborating on various educational, musical and cultural projects since 2004, sharing these activities with their partners in more than 40 countries to give greater dissemination, reach and international participation to all their projects.

We invite you to enroll in Module 1 of the European Union educational project “Innovative training for singing teachers”, within the ERASMUS + Program, which will take place in person at EMA Escuela de Música de Canarias (Carretera General del Norte, 437, 38340 Tacoronte, Tenerife) April 15, 2023. Hours: from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

How to reach the place

The class will be taught by Professor Maite Robaina, director of the Las Palmas Symphony Orchestra Choir and the Chelys Odalys Women’s Choir. She also works as a teacher in various educational projects (Meeting of School Choirs of the Canary Islands, Municipal Music Schools, …).

Content of MODULE 1:

«The human voice and its possibilities at different ages»

  • From when can you start teaching singing to children?
  • The voices of schoolchildren and their vocal registers and ranges.
  • Is it possible to sing during the period of vocal moulting?
  • Vocal moulting is a complex psychophysiological process.
  • Pedagogical repertoire.
  • Defects in the voices of children and adults. Edge defects.
  • How to preserve a healthy and beautiful voice?
  • Singing! The person who sings is a happy and creative person who brings joy to the society.

The project is developed by PRO-PARTNERS (Lithuania) and ORFEUM Organization of European Music Festivals (Spain), entities that have been collaborating in different musical, educational and cultural activities, as well as in the organization of international music festivals and international projection. of artists, since 2004.


Upon registration, participants will receive confirmation by email, so it is necessary to fill out the registration form correctly.

Registration will remain open from 00:00 on March 15 to 00:00 on April 14, 20023. However, registrations will be accepted until full capacity is reached.

The master class is FREE
It is necessary to register in advance.
In the week following the completion of the activity, the participants will be sent a simple test/survey about the class taught and that they must complete, evaluating and commenting on the content of Module 1.
All participants will receive a diploma accrediting their participation, once the test / survey on the use of the course and opinion on its characteristics and innovation have been completed.


Javier Albelo (Project Coordinator):

Main WEBSITE of the Project  HERE